羽織 / Y. & SONS×Graphpaper / Stretch Kersey(ストレッチカルゼ) / BLACK(With tailoring)

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メンズきものテーラー Y. & SONS と、常に時代のスタンダードであり続ける大人のための上質なワードローブを提案する Graphpaper が手を組んで生まれた新しいきもの。

今回素材として使用したのは Graphpaper の2021 AUTUMN / WINTER COLLECTIONに登場したストレッチカルゼ。均一に並んだ綾目が美しい綾織りのファブリックは、緯糸にフィラメントのポリエステル糸を用いることで毛羽立ちを抑えた上品な光沢感と、硬樹脂仕上げによるシャープな表情が特徴。

“KIMONO” は、Graphpaper が得意とするサイズの概念をなくすように考えられたパンツのディテールを活かし、着用時の手間や帯そのものを省くことで着やすさと快適な着心地を約束。実際の仕様はボタンと内ゴムで前合わせを整え、Graphpaper のシェフパンツに使用されるベルクロとゴムで留めるだけで着用できる、帯要らずに仕上げています。

洋装におけるジャケットのような役割を果たす “HAORI” は、着姿をよりきれいに見せるために両脇の “マチ” や “前下がり” などトラディショナルなパターンに則った仕様に。また、“KIMONO” と対で着る事を想定し、同素材で仕立てています。

Y. & SONS の伝統的なパターン・熟練の職人による縫製技術と、Graphpaper 拘りの生地・ディテールを組み合わせた新しい提案です。


仕立:単衣(男性 or 女性)
《 Order Guide よりご注文の流れをご確認ください 》
Order Guide(日本語) :

※ 価格は仕立て代込です。
※ こちらはHAORI(羽織)単体のページです。
※ 画像に使用している羽織紐は別売りです。
※ オリジナルたとう紙にお包みし、オリジナルきものBOXに入れてお送り致します。
※ クリーニングは弊店でも承っております。お気軽にご相談ください。

A new Kimono created by joining hands with men's Kimono
tailor Y. & SONS and Graphpaper, which proposes a high-
quality wardrobe for adults that has always been the
standard of the times.

The material is the Stretch Kersey from Graphpaper's 2021
AUTUMN / WINTER COLLECTION. The beautiful and evenly
arranged twill is characterized by an elegant luster that
suppresses fluffing by using filament polyester yarn for the
weft, and a sharp look due to the hard resin finish.

“KIMONO” promises ease and comfortable wearing by taking
advantage of the details of the pants designed to eliminate
the concept of size that Graphpaper is good at, and by
eliminating the trouble of wearing and the obi itself.
You can easily wear it with buttons and inner rubber,
finishing without the need for obi, which can be worn simply
by fastening with the velcro and rubber used in Graphpaper's
chef pants.

"HAORI", which plays a role like a jacket in Western clothing,
has specifications that follow traditional patterns such as
"gussets" and "down front" to make the appearance look
more beautiful.
In addition, it is made of the same material, so that it can be
worn as a set up with “KIMONO”.

This is a new proposal that combines the traditional patterns
of Y. & SONS, sewing techniques by skilled craftsmen, and
the fabrics and details of Graphpaper.

About Graphpaper:
A wardrobe for adults that has always been the standard of
the times. Clothes that create a margin between people and
clothes, rather than making noise. It can be said that the new
designs in clothing were exhausted by the 20th century.
While paying homage to the features and concepts that the
great ancestors have built. Retaining the functions and
designs necessary for modern urban life,
It is designed to fit any body shape by eliminating the
concept of size as much as possible.

Material: 78% polyester, 19% rayon, 3% polyurethane
Tailoring: Unlined garment (men's and women's)
*We also accept tailoring with liners, too. With additional
cost to the liner.
Size: We will contact you after confirming your order.
Delivery time: About 2 weeks after the measurements are

《Before placing an order, please check this link below. 》
Order Guide(English) :

* It's subject to the tax exemption.
* International shipping is available. To examine the shipping, please contact us before purchase.
* This page is for purchasing a Haori jacket only.
* The haori cord, used in the image is sold separately.
* We will wrap it in original paper and send it in the original
kimono box.
* Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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